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Why You Might Rethink Scattering Your Remains

Posted on February 18, 2016 in Cremation

Most of us prefer not to spend much time thinking about what will happen after we pass away. So when someone asks, it’s easy to say, just scatter me in the mountains. Cast my remains in the sea. Or keep me on the fireplace mantle.


And all of these are fine ideas, particularly if there’s a place that’s very meaningful to you. But there’s an aspect of cremation and scattering remains that few of us consider further: Our family’s need for a place to visit.


Loved ones need a place to go. A place to talk to a deceased loved one, a place to vent, to deal with grief, to remember, to celebrate life. It helps family and friends process the loss when they have a place where they can express their emotions.


Though you might wish to be cremated, you may want to rethink scattering your remains and include a place for your family to visit.


There are so many options that will allow you to realize your wishes and accommodate the needs of your friends and family as well. For example, you still can plan for scattering your remains, yet establish a simple memorial in a cemetery where your loved ones can visit. You could scatter some remains and place the rest in an urn in a cemetery memorial niche. Or you can divide your remains between a portable memorial such as an urn on a mantle or cremation jewelry, and place the rest in a cremation garden.


The options are so much greater than simply burial or cremation. And the options available with cremation may lead you to rethink scattering your remains. You have lots of choices! Consider a plan that will represent your desires yet still give your family a place to explore their emotions and celebrate your life. Come talk to us at Seven Stones; we can help you determine the combination of options that best matches you. Please write us at info@DiscoverSevenStones.com or call 303.717.7117.





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