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Ways to Help Your Friends and Family Make End-of-Life Plans

Posted on August 7, 2016 in End of Life Planning Seven Stones

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When you’ve discovered a fantastic new restaurant or a great sale, what do you do? You tell your friends, so that they can save money and have an incredible experience, too.

In this case, the topic might be more unusual, but the benefit is the same: When you provide your friends and family with information about end-of-life plans, you’re enabling them to enjoy the same benefits and beautiful options that you’ve discovered at Seven Stones.

Making plans for your funeral and final resting place is a wonderful way to alleviate a burden for your family—and to save money.

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Here are a few easy ways to share what you know about Seven Stones:

  • Tell your friends and family about us!
  • Bring your friends and stop by. Seven Stones is near the Highline Canal Trail; if you’re out for a bike ride or drive, come take a tour of our beautiful grounds! We’re here 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, or you can call to schedule another time.
  • There still are a few spaces left in our Founding Families Program. Invite your family to be a part of this visionary group.
  • Bring a friend to one of our free quarterly Time and Togetherness events at Seven Stones.
  • Share a Seven Stones folder with a friend or family member. It’s packed with helpful end-of-life planning guidance.
  • Download our new Immediate Needs Checklist to get them thinking about the elements of their end-of-life plans that they haven’t yet pinned down.
  • Like our Facebook page, then click on the “Invite Friends to Like This Page” button on the right-hand side of our page and connect your Facebook friends.
  • Scroll down the right-hand side of our Facebook page and post a review about Seven Stones Chatfield. It’ll show up in your friends’ news feeds!
  • If your place of worship isn’t already a member, tell your pastor about the Seven Stones Church Assistance Program. This is a particularly wonderful benefit for one family in need, but the planning resources and discount will help every member of the congregation.
  • Ask us about our Referral Program, which is our way of saying thank you for sharing our vision.

Thank you once again for embracing the Seven Stones philosophy and for your willingness to share what you know about this wonderful place. It’s been so exciting to meet people who share our vision and believe that a cemetery can be a really extraordinary place! We are truly grateful and humbled by your support.

Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery

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