Touchstone Wall memorial

Unique Memorials: Introducing the Touchstone Wall

Posted on February 28, 2017 in Cemetery Design End of Life Planning Seven Stones

Seven Stones memorials are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Akin to sculpture, our artistic memorials (sometimes referred to as tributes) integrate technical innovations with new materials such as glass, stainless steel, weathering steel and local stone, as well as granite and bronze. The creativity of each reflects the individuality of each person for whom a Seven Stones memorial is crafted.

This week we’re highlighting a popular option among our families called the Touchstone Wall. Crafted from Colorado Sandstone with granite niche covers, our Touchstone Wall is intended to create a connection point. The height of the wall is designed so that even the highest point can be touched, and nothing is out of reach.

Touchstone Wall Memorial

Upon completion, our Touchstone Wall will include three waterfalls, indirect lighting to illuminate the memorial when the sun goes down, and a seating area in front of the wall.

A variety of materials are available for each personal shutter, from art glass to polished granite, and niche sizes vary depending on individual needs.

Families sometimes ask whether the smaller-sized shutter front will be able to hold all the words that describe the individual being honored. That’s another reason our QR Medallions are such an important part of Seven Stones. With a QR Medallion, verses, stories and photos come to life with a simple scan from a smartphone.

Touchstone Wall Memorial

Already last fall the Touchstone Wall was a favorite among families who’ve chosen Seven Stones.

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