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Art at Seven Stones: Chalk Walls

Posted on November 29, 2017 in Cemetery Design Community Memorials Seven Stones

Art at Seven Stones

As you stroll through Seven Stones’ Whisper Walk Pathway, you will see our large and beautiful chalk walls.  While the purpose of the walls is for families and friends to write messages of love, share memories, and acknowledge special days, these Chalk Walls are also another way we at Seven Stones show our commitment to art.  The weathering steal is …Read the Full Article

How to Begin the Talk of a Lifetime®

Posted on November 16, 2017 in Events Seven Stones

Have the Talk of a Lifetime at Seven Stones

Kristin Southerden recently helped her mother, Kay, celebrate Kay’s 80th birthday with close family and friends. During dinner, each guest read a question from Seven Stones’ Talk of a Lifetime document. Here is Kristin’s niece, Gracie, sharing her response to the prompt “Describe the most adventurous thing you have ever done, and how did you feel afterward?”  (Answer: “Keeping up …Read the Full Article

Recipes to Remember

Posted on in Community Family Recipes Seven Stones

Recipes to Remember at Seven Stones

They’re simple, but they were her son and daughter’s favorite dish. Bonnie DuCharme’s fried potatoes didn’t really follow a recipe; she just knew how they should look and smell at each stage. But the guidelines below should get you close…until you can make them by instinct too. Bonnie’s Fried Potatoes Ingredients 6 potatoes sliced to an even thickness (¼ to …Read the Full Article

Recipes to Remember

Posted on October 31, 2017 in Community Events Family Recipes Seven Stones

Recipes to Remember at Seven Stones

Some of our favorite family memories include food. Grandma’s fried potatoes, ornate Christmas cookies, the special stuffing that Mom made every Thanksgiving, Dad’s secret chili spice…just the smell can take us back to treasured time with loved ones.   Seven Stones is featuring recipes to remember over the next few months, and we would love to include yours. Maybe it’s …Read the Full Article

Have the Talk of a Lifetime®

Posted on in Community End of Life Planning Memorials Seven Stones

Seven Stones

What if, when you gather with loved ones over the next two months, you try something radically different?   This holiday season, what if you learned the personal stories, the histories, hopes and dreams that make each family member unique?   Today is the start of Talk of a Lifetime® month, created by the Funeral and Memorial Information Council to help …Read the Full Article

Join Us for S’mores and Stories!

Posted on January 2, 2017 in Community Events Seven Stones

S'mores and Stories

After the busyness of the holidays, it’s so awesome to take a deep breath and spend some uncomplicated time together. We’ve made it fun and easy: Join us for S’mores and Stories, our next Time and Togetherness.   Engage in a hands-on craft with Amy Klein of KidzArt. Sing along with guitarist Dana Klein. And enjoy a special guest appearance …Read the Full Article