The Seven Stones Church Assistance Program Testimonials

Real-Life Experiences with the Church Assistance Program

Posted on February 3, 2017 in Community Seven Stones

We believe in giving back at Seven Stones, and an important part of that is our Church Assistance Program, through which we provide free workshops to parishes, burial discounts, the use of our beautiful grounds and even a free placement each year for a family in need.

As the program begins to flourish, we asked some pastors and parishioners to share why they’ve participated or brought the idea to their church leaders, in the hopes that others will consider how this free community initiative might help their friends and neighbors.

Pat George, Founding Family Member, Seven Stones

“God seemed to present Seven Stones Chatfield to us at exactly the right time, as it had recently opened when a need arose. Not only were we very pleased with the prime location and beautiful setting, but we also were made to feel welcomed with no pressure to purchase.

Soon after my husband passed away, the Church Assistance Program was announced via the Notebook. I immediately forwarded the e-mail notification to my pastor simply because of the kindness, care and respect we received from the people at Seven Stones. Not only was I eager to share the benefits of the program with him, but I also wanted him to be aware of the unique cemetery setting near my church that could possibly fill a need for somebody in our congregation. 

Since then, he has been able to share his knowledge of Seven Stones with a member of our congregation whose ashes are buried near the ashes of my husband. Our church welcomes people of all walks of life and has always believed in giving to others, so why would I not want to share the Church Assistance Program with them?”

Pastor DJ Dent, Associate Pastor, Christ Lutheran Church

“While our culture seems to be inching away from conversations about death and dying, Seven Stones presents us with the opportunity to speak of death with our congregation members. Many don’t give it much thought until it’s too late, but I’ve been excited to share conversations about the creativity and care given to thinking about cemeteries differently. We’ve entered into the Church Assistance Program both because of the benefit to our members, but also because it builds a relationship between our members and their own grieving process. After touring the grounds and seeing the vision, it has even encouraged us to think about how we allow and encourage people to sit with their grief for a while.”

Pastor Jason Shipman, Executive Associate Pastor, Living Way Fellowship

“The primary responsibility of a pastor is to care for the members of his church. When one of our members passed away, I was so pleased to witness the care they received from the Seven Stones team. They helped at a time when surviving family members often feel overwhelmed but want to honor their loved one appropriately. Seven Stones provided such a wonderful experience as well as a beautiful final resting place that families will enjoy for years to come. As I learned more about the services they provided for families, I was convinced that Seven Stones would be a wonderful option for our church families in the future. We had two families use Seven Stones this year, and they are both so pleased to have a beautiful place to remember the legacy of their loved ones. I have great respect for Seven Stones and the ongoing services and care they provide, and I could not more highly recommend them!”

If you wish to learn more about the Church Assistance Program or share information with your pastor, please call 303.717.7117 or email We’d be happy to send you a descriptive flier and arrange a conversation with your church leadership. Please help us spread the word about this free community service so that we can further assist families during planning and in times of need.

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