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Posted on July 12, 2017 in Cemetery Design Community Seven Stones

Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery is delighted to partner with the Rox Arts Council in the 10th annual Douglas County Art Encounters program. In the next four issues of the Notebook, we’re introducing the artists and their personal philosophies. This week, meet Kimmerjae Macarus, who has crafted the stunning Mask of Breath: Self on display at Seven Stones.


I consider my primary medium to be space. Space inspires and intrigues me as, quite literally, from the perspective of physics, that which connects all that appears in “the material world.” It also may be understood or imagined to connect the material to the unseen and/or spiritual realm(s). I suspect that its nature is ecstatic. Around this primary exploration, the character or personality of the physical medium is also strongly present in the work. With stone, I feel that the piece chooses me as much as I choose to bring it to the studio. I preserve as much as possible of the overall gesture and significant features of each individual stone. Doing this work is thus for me a direct way of conducting my relationship with Universe.

A visual idea arises in pure thought; in the sketchbook; in dialogue with the medium. Sometimes the idea is like a personality, sometimes a map, sometimes it mirrors themes in nature. The first glimpse of a visual idea is almost a symbol, but elusive and alive. There is the sense of something universal to be discovered.


Kimmerjae Macarus is a Colorado-based stone sculptor. Working in clay from early childhood, studies took her through Interlochen Arts Academy in highschool, to Florence, Italy, and Universityof Illinois where she earned her BFA with Honors in Sculpture in 1981. Earlier works in bronze steel, and wood are in private collections around the United States.  An interest in doing larger public works prompted 3 years of graduate study in Landscape Architecture at University of Colorado in 1988. In addition to expanding the material palette to include space, time, plant materials and stone, the study of human relationships with space and objects in space began to deeply inform the work. About process, she says:

“I am exploring the vitality of space, spirit and place as elucidated by form. Stone is emblematic of solidity. When we look closely, science shows us that even stone is mostly infinite space, fluid and alive. Within this space, the ground of being, something mysterious arises. Listening for the breath of that presence, the act of sculpting becomes a spiritual practice. The raw material is approached with a sense of discovery, and the finished work seems to hold something of the very character of space itself.”

Kimmerjae lives and works in Lafayette, Colorado. She considers commissions from the Colorado area as well as from afar. She works with clients to create both free-standing pieces and pieces that integrate into a specific environment (garden, home, public space). For purchase information or to commission an original sculpture, email

Kimmerjae Macarus

Mask of Breath: Self

2016 Colorado Yule Marble: 52″ x 22″ x 10″

Price: $7,900


All four Art Encounters pieces are available for viewing and purchase at Seven Stones through May 2018. The Welcome Center at Seven Stones is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and the gates are open for visitors from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. Walk the grounds and soak up the beautiful mountain vistas, wildlife, gardens and artwork any day!

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