QR medallion at Seven Stones Cemetery

How New Technology Is Reshaping Memorials

Posted on May 23, 2017 in Memorials

Technology isn’t a concept that we often associate with cemeteries. But at Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery in Littleton, we’re revolutionizing the way loved ones are memorialized. Here, our memorials feature new technology that will bring to life the humanity of the people who are remembered here—for generations to come.

Seven Stones is one of the first and only cemeteries to embed a free QR medallion into every memorial placed here. This small, stainless steel medal—about the size of a quarter—is etched with a code that leads to a personalized website. When someone downloads and uses one of the free smartphone QR code reader apps i-nigma or zxing to scan the medallion, the website loads on his or her phone—right on the spot.

QR Medallion at Seven Stones cemetery

Each website displays the story of a loved one brought to life. It might include links to videos of or about the deceased. It could include images of or by that person. Music, writings, testimonials by family members…the possibilities are as endless and as unique as each individual remembered in this way. Sara Buchanan’s website is an example; it includes this video of her sharing her caramel recipe with her family:


Creating that story can be simple. You can develop the material yourself or hire help, including professional writers, photographers and videographers. The result is a rich, lasting remembrance that engages the senses and keeps the essence of a loved one close.

Adding a QR Medallion can also provide an unexpected benefit. Rather than trying to include all of the information about a loved one on the face of the memorial, the QR code can communicate the details in full, allowing for a smaller and less expensive memorial.

Memory Medallions® can even be customized, with special metal covers that beautifully honor the interests and personality of the deceased.

QR medallion at Seven Stones Cemetery
One of our families has shared how powerful this technology has been in bringing their daughter’s memory to life for those who visit Seven Stones.

“We appreciate the QR medallion because it gives us the opportunity to share a little about what made Nikki so special to us,” said Paul Bleau. “Nikki’s friend Nadine helped put together a slide show for Nikki’s memorial service that is now available to anyone at Seven Stones through the QR code. Friends and family have accessed it and found it very meaningful. It was quite simple to put Nikki’s obituary and some pictures on the site, and Becky was so helpful with the slide show.” 

QR Medallion at Seven Stones

The technology is simple to use; if you’d like to come to Seven Stones and experience the QR Medallion, please just give us a call at 303.717.7117 or email info@discoversevenstones.com to set a time.

We’re excited to be able to share this opportunity with our families. It’s one way we’re establishing the Seven Stones difference. We invite you to visit and see!

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