Seven Stones Church Assistance Program

Giving Back With Seven Stones’s Church Assistance Program

Posted on January 15, 2016 in Community

What’s one of the first resources that many people turn to when the death of a loved one is imminent or has occurred? A church.

That makes the churches in Highlands Ranch, Littleton and the Denver metro area a natural partner in Seven Stones’s goal to provide education and support to families experiencing death. We’re pleased to be able to work together through the Seven Stones Church Assistance Program.

Thanks to the deep experience of Vice President Steve Hawley in funeral planning and family care, we can consult with priests and pastors to answer families’ questions about making life celebration arrangements. We can help families directly as well, guiding them through the life celebration and burial process.

To assist families in thinking ahead about funeral planning and memorialization, Seven Stones is crafting a lineup of free informative seminars for those churches enrolled in the Church Assistance Program on end-of-life topics such as the Christian perspective on death, how to prepare your family and more. We also can help inform and educate by supplying printed materials to the church or directly to its parishioners/members.

As a dedicated member of our community, Seven Stones also is committed to giving back, and our Church Assistance Program is a part of this effort. We’re offering something entirely new in the industry—a 5 percent discount for families with an immediate burial need who come to Seven Stones at the recommendation of an enrolled church.

Perhaps even more significant, Seven Stones is giving enrolled churches one free cremation placement in our botanical cemetery each year. We see this as an important ministry to needy families or those who experience an unexpected death. Seven Stones is truly dedicated to serving as a resource, a partner and a friend to those in our community.

Eventually we hope to expand the Church Assistance Program. For example, when our amphitheater and grand lawn is complete, we’ll offer enrolled churches one free use per year. We also are planning to develop a similar program for businesses, to be offered as a part of their benefits plan.

If you know of a church that you think would like to participate in the program, please let us know at 303.717.7117 or We’d be glad to reach out and see how we might work together. At Seven Stones, we strive to be not just different, but truly helpful and welcoming!

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