Free Placement of Ashes – January 19-28, 2018

Posted on December 13, 2017 in Community Cremation End of Life Planning Events Memorials Seven Stones

Seven Stones is pleased to provide free communal placement of ashes in one of our garden commons January 19-28, 2018.
We’ve found that establishing a space to go to remember a loved one that’s easily visited by all members of the family is highly appealing to many who have urns on a shelf. Often they feel a sense of peace after placing the ashes.
And scattering ashes increasingly has become a less desirable option. Families have to consider whether they’ll forever have access to the spot at which they scatter the ashes. More people are realizing the environmental impacts of scattering ashes into bodies of water or other sensitive sites as well.
So in addition to our wealth of beautiful options for interment in our botanical gardens cemetery, Seven Stones is hosting a free placement opportunity for members of the community, as well as free educational Lunch and Learn sessions about cremation memorialization.

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