Art at Seven Stones: Eco-friendly Paper Urns

Posted on December 13, 2017 in Cremation Seven Stones

What do you picture when you imagine a cremation urn? Today’s choices are likely to surprise you! There are eco-friendly paper urns in various colors and patterns, with themes honoring a loved one’s favorite cause or activity. Or there are ornate traditional urns in various metals and masonry. Just as with a funeral or burial ceremony, cremation memorialization is intensely and wonderfully personal.

Our Seven Stones standard urn is provided at no charge with every cremation placement except in the Commons. These urns, durable and dignified, are made of recycled content. They come with a variety of designs, from mountain scenes, to flowers, doves and ocean sunsets. We also have miniatures of each of the designs available for families who wish to scatter or place a portion of the cremains elsewhere.

Seven Stones also has urn choices available in a variety of materials, such as metal or masonry, that fit our urn chambers.

Truly, our cremation urns are works of art, and the selection can be just as subjective and individualized as you or your loved ones. Stop by and see the incredible assortment of choices. You’re likely to be surprised!

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