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Facebook Has Changed! How to Find Us

Posted on February 1, 2018 in Community Seven Stones

Find Seven Stones Cemetery on Facebook

If you’ve appreciated the grief resources, event notices, community news and photos we share most days on Facebook, you’ll likely need to take a short step to continue seeing it all. Facebook recently changed its news feed to exclude businesses’ posts from your news feed. You can always see what we post by visiting our page at But if …Read the Full Article

The Touchstone Niche Wall Comes Alive

Posted on in Cemetery Design Cremation

The Touchstone Niche Wall cremation memorial at Seven Stones Cemetery in Denver

The Touchstone Niche Wall sprang to life this month with the completion of three unique water features visible from both sides of the wall, allowing families with loved ones’ cremains placed in the wall to hear the soothing sound of water nearby.     The wall is built to last, starting with a sturdy foundation. The design was inspired by the …Read the Full Article