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Penstemon: Seven Stones Botanical Highlight

Posted on September 27, 2017 in Cemetery Design Seven Stones

Penstemon at Seven Stones

If you’re looking for a plant that is colorful, yet requires only light watering, the Penstemon MissionBells™ Deep Rose is a great option. This pretty plant also attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, making it another favorite at Seven Stones.

Introducing Wendy Seebohar and Sky Candy I and II

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Local Art at Seven Stones Cemetery

This summer, the Seven Stones Notebook highlighted art sculptures on the grounds of Seven Stones; but did you know our Welcome Center also features artwork by local artists? This week, we shine a light on Wendy Seebohar and her fanciful take on hot air balloons. Wendy created each of these paintings after watching the hot air balloons soar above Chatfield …Read the Full Article

The Seasons of Letting Go Presented by Rev. Mary Jo Honiotes

Posted on September 21, 2017 in Community Events Seven Stones

The Seasons of Letting Go Workshops Presented by Rev Mary Jo Honiotes

Join Rev. Mary Jo Honiotes at Seven Stones Chatfield Botanical Gardens Cemetery for one or all of “The Seasons of Letting Go” workshops. Seven Stones is a perfect spot to gather to nurture ourselves after loss.  If you are grieving a loss–loss of a loved one, loss of routine, loss of a job or loss of a full house–this program is for …Read the Full Article

What an Evening! Time & Togetherness: Art Encounters

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Seven Stones Time & Togetherness: Art Encounters

What an evening! Great music, fantastic art, snacks and beverages, a beautiful setting, friends and family…Time & Togetherness: Art Encounters on September 8 was a magical affair at Seven Stones. The Roxborough Arts Council (RoxArts) and Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery partnered to host the free community event. Seventeen local artists exhibited in all different mediums: jewelry, ceramics, photography, handcarved gourd baskets, …Read the Full Article

Seven Stones Perennials Add Color

Posted on September 6, 2017 in Cemetery Design Seven Stones

perennials at Seven Stones botanical gardens cemetery

A trio of colorful perennials is adding cheer and dimension to the grounds at Seven Stones. Stop by to view the following Plant Select® plants at Seven Stones and more. Fire Spinner® Iceplant Little Trudy® Catmint Red Rocks® Penstemon

Introducing Janene DiRico-Cable and “Iron Horse”

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“where horse-play is an art” Eclectic and well-rounded describe Janene DiRico-Cable’s background. No matter what avenue Janene pursued, art has always played a major role. “It’s a resounding theme in everything I do and have ever done… the art… It’s always back to the art.” From professional fashion model to a degree in dentistry, to media marketing for Nashville singing stars, …Read the Full Article