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Meet Artist Harold Linke and “Novus Grande”

Posted on August 24, 2017 in Cemetery Design Community Seven Stones

NOVUS GRANDE Artist Harold Linke Statement The name Novus Grande comes from Latin words for new and big. This piece takes the form of an arabesque and subtracts the detail, the color, the texture and the volume from a traditional representative sculpture, leaving only the pure dance gesture. The finish on the piece creates an illusion of blue skies, even …Read the Full Article

Brookside Patio Memorial Photos

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    The new Brookside Patio Memorials at Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery re-create a familiar setting. Adirondack chairs rest on flagstone pavers for cozy time reminiscing with family. On the perimeter, natural boulders in their original sizes and hues serve as memorials, engraved with personal details and sporting QR medallions for written and video remembrances. As we unveil the …Read the Full Article

Placing an Urn, Establishing Peace

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It was a relief for the family. They were exhausted by grief and the countless tough decisions they had to make for the funeral of their mother. So when the funeral director said they could just do cremation now and worry about the burial options later, they were grateful. Fast forward a year, and the family realized the time for …Read the Full Article

Seven Stones Botanical Highlight

Posted on August 11, 2017 in Cemetery Design Seven Stones

Hot Wings tree at Seven Stones

Everyone loves the look of our next botanical highlight, and with its fun name, it’s one of our favorites! The Hot Wings® Tatarian Maple is a Plant Select® plant; below you will see our pair of Hot Wings along the path to our Touchstone Wall. The Hot Wings® Tatarian Maple is a small ornamental tree discovered in Colorado.

Time & Togetherness: An Evening with Art Encounters

Posted on August 10, 2017 in Cemetery Design Community Events Seven Stones

Meet the Artist: Reno Carollo

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    TENDERNESS Artist Reno Carollo Statement My sculptures are created in bronze, stone and fiberglass. I work with the human figure as my subject matter. I call the work Figurative Impression, using elements and principles of design and a style based in the art history of the early 1900s. This style allows me to create the human figure in …Read the Full Article