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Honor Your Loved One’s Urn or Ashes

Posted on November 16, 2017 in Cemetery Design Cremation Events Memorials Seven Stones

Honor Your Loved One’s Urn or Ashes at Seven Stones

Many people just don’t know what to do with the ashes of their loved ones, so they don’t do anything at all. And now… they’re in an urn on your mantel. Or in a box in your attic, or on your bookshelf next to that plant. But at Seven Stones Chatfield, we have all kinds of beautiful options for your …Read the Full Article

How to Begin the Talk of a Lifetime®

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Have the Talk of a Lifetime at Seven Stones

Kristin Southerden recently helped her mother, Kay, celebrate Kay’s 80th birthday with close family and friends. During dinner, each guest read a question from Seven Stones’ Talk of a Lifetime document (link). Here is Kristin’s niece, Gracie, sharing her response to the prompt “Describe the most adventurous thing you have ever done, and how did you feel afterward?”  (Answer: “Keeping …Read the Full Article

Recipes to Remember

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Recipes to Remember at Seven Stones

They’re simple, but they were her son and daughter’s favorite dish. Bonnie DuCharme’s fried potatoes didn’t really follow a recipe; she just knew how they should look and smell at each stage. But the guidelines below should get you close…until you can make them by instinct too. Bonnie’s Fried Potatoes Ingredients 6 potatoes sliced to an even thickness (¼ to …Read the Full Article

Kindness Rocks

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Kindness Rocks at Seven Stones

This artwork has a unique canvas! Last year at one of our Seven Stones Time and Togetherness events, a talented group of children and adults added colorful images and encouraging words to smooth stones. Much like the popular Kindness Rocks Project, this activity (led by Amy Klein, executive director of KidzArt in Highlands Ranch Colorado) was meant to inspire positivity. …Read the Full Article

Art at Seven Stones: Basalt Cenotaphs

Posted on October 31, 2017 in Cemetery Design Cremation End of Life Planning Memorials

Basalt Cenotaphs at Seven Stones

These majestic black basalt cenotaphs, located in our Meadow View Garden, will pay tribute to and memorialize those people choosing to leave a smaller footprint. A cenotaph is defined as a monument erected in honor of a person or group of persons whose remains are elsewhere. True to this definition, those drawn to this type of memorialization may choose to …Read the Full Article

A Beautiful Day for the High Line Canal History & Nature Walk at Seven Stones

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High Line Canal History and Nature Walk at Seven Stones

A hearty thank you goes out to our attendees and partners of this weekend’s historical talk and nature walk. The Roxborough Area Historical Society co-sponsored the event, which featured Harriet Crittenden LaMair from the High Line Canal Conservancy and Kate Hogan from the Audubon Society of Greater Denver. Harriet gave a very informative presentation covering the history of the canal …Read the Full Article